Restaurants In The South East

The south east of England is packed with delicious restaurants serving all manner of great dishes.  You can visit towns and villages which have wonderful country pubs serving some interesting and sometimes pleasantly surprising dishes.  You can also visit major cities and regions or visit UK restaurant guide where there are still more delights to be found.

If you are going to visit the south east of England in the near future, the following suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding a good restaurant to enjoy.

The Bay Restaurant in Dover

The Bay Restaurant is in a fresh and inviting looking building, much like the look of the menu itself.  Every meal is beautifully presented and looks quite stunning on the plate.  With dishes such as Kentish asparagus spears for starters, roast rump of Romney Marsh lamb for a main course and Kentish strawberry pavlova for dessert, you can see they source local produce here too.

The East Street restaurant in Brighton

Brighton is full of places to eat and there is something about it that is firmly British.  The East Street restaurant plays on this by providing solidly British dishes such as steak for your temptations.  There is a modern twist to many of the dishes though, and with reservations easy enough to make you can look forward to a visit to a nice venue whenever you are in Brighton.

Prezzo in East Grinstead

Another superb choice for those who want good wholesome food, this is one of a chain of restaurants that is well worth mentioning.  Prezzo has other locations dotted all over the south east as well, all with an Italian bent running through the menus.  Try the Italian breads and the pasta dishes too, such as penne con salmone – pasta with salmon.  Delicious!

Ockenden Manor in Cuckfield

The building itself is a classic, but the menus you will see inside are even better.  This rustic building offers a Michelin starred restaurant to explore, with dishes including hot and cold Selsey crab and a saddle of Balcombe venison.  It is the attention to detail and flavour that makes this restaurant stand out among the crowd.

Research the area you are visiting before you go

Wherever you are going in the south east, it is well worth doing your research to find the best restaurants to try before you pay a visit.  Some of them can be notoriously hard to find if you don’t know they are there – they aren’t all situated on main streets.  It is often the harder to find restaurants in north west or south east that turn out to be a pure joy.

Don’t be nervous of trying different menus and dishes either.  As you can see from the selection given above, you will find there are plenty of delightful flavours and dishes waiting to tempt you in the south east.