Although we should always eat to live but there are many among us who live to eat. Hence there is restaurant opened for every taste, budget and lifestyle.

A true food lover will love to experiment at different restaurants and will never hesitate to try different and unique dishes. Thus the restaurant business is on the rise these days. Now even if you travel to any other country and start missing your homeland food then you will surely find one or the other restaurant walking down a lane serving the dishes of your homeland. We find a Chinese restaurant, an Indian restaurant and even a Lebanese restaurant in every country of the world.

But if your are thinking of a nice quite evening out with your loved ones then you will prefer the fine dining restaurants. Such a restaurant has a very formal ambience and a very attractive look to it. There might be a light music being played in the background which gives the whole setting a pleasant feeling. The food served here is of the finest quality and served in a beautiful arrangement. You will be able to find all the exotic dishes which are not served in normal restaurants being served here. Although you might find the bill a little tight on your pocket but you will not mind for the luxurious experience they provide.

Many of us find our mouths watering on seeing the famous chef’s programs on TV. It is not always possible for us to dish out these exclusive cuisines in our homes. To get a first hand experience on these dishes there are the restaurants in London run by these top chefs themselves. Restaurants like Brian Turner's Restaurant, Gordon Ramsay's Restaurants and Ken Hom's Restaurants are such eating outlets in London.

If you go for a proper meal, you will be offered generally a 3 course meal which consists of a starter or an appetizer, then the main course and finally a desert. But there are small eating outlets seen in plenty around every location which serve fast food. These are also called as junk food like hot dog, pizza, hamburgers etc. but if you prefer healthy eating then these dishes are not for you. These foods have a lot of fat content. So it can put your dieting regime on the back peddle.

It is a myth that to loose weight one should cut down on their food intake. It is also observed that people get so obsessed with loosing weight that they exercise rigorously but don’t eat enough to provide their body with the energy required for such activities. This will affect your health in a negative way and you may even fall ill. There are foods to loose weight too. Eating salads and other fruit salads will prove beneficial to your health without increasing your weight. There are many restaurants that serve various kinds of salads and also various salad sauces too. Shaftesbury Premier London Kensington is one of the Cheap Hotel Kensington in London area.