There is a range of amazing restaurants across the UK, now with restaurant guides we can find the best ones near us! We can use local recommendations to find the best local secrets and recommended eateries in our area.

There are hundreds of thousands of restaurants across the UK, and although there are large numbers not all are of the highest standards. It can be hard sometimes to find the best restaurants in your area, but now with Best restaurant guide we can track down the best local secrets in our area. You can also find a range of great cheap hotel reservations online to make the perfect weekend away! Through other peoples recommendations we can decide for ourselves which places to try out thanks to a star system, reviews and even get a preview of the menu before you get there.

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You may be looking for a special eatery for a special occasion or perhaps you are travelling to a new part of the UK and want to know what’s good there, that is why local restaurant guides can help find the perfect place for you to visit. You can find guides for most areas in the UK, such as the best restaurants in London, the South East, North West and the West Country, here is a quick taster of some of the top places to dine in the UK’s capital – London.

London is a vibrant and exciting city that has a lot to offer, it is extremely multicultural and cosmopolitan and that is extremely apparent through its choice of restaurants and eateries. So no matter if you are visiting for a special meal are a tourist in the city or you have just moved there, you will always be able to find a fantastic restaurant to suit your needs. Although because of London’s size, it is best to consult a guide before searching for a restaurant or navigating on the London Underground. There are many well known and new places to check out, below are three of our favourites. Looking for 4 Star Hotel Kensington? Shaftesbury Premier London Kensington offers you a luxurious stay & all modern facilities.

The Lobster Pot in Kennington is the perfect place for those who are looking for delicious seafood in the city, it has wonderful décor and offers a range of wonderful seafood dishes, For those who prefer meat, they also have a range of meat dishes too, they even offer and eight course meal for those looking for a feast.

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Tatra in Shepherds Bush is another great spot, it is a fairly new polish restaurant that has a wide array of typical Polish dishes, from meat to vegetarian, and there are plenty of options for everyone. Most of the portions are large and offer a great taste for Polish cuisine that is perhaps normally overlooked, perfect for those wanting to try something new.

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La Buvette is a great restaurant in the upmarket Richmond. It is a French restaurant and offers an exquisite service that make you feel like you are dining in Paris. The menu is classically French and offers a range of Meat, Fish and vegetarian options. It is great for a romantic meal on the Thames.